Art dump, July 2016

Dear Art Time Collective contributors and fan base… here is some art.

Please prove to me that I’m not the only one creating this stuff.

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A Whole Lot Less





It’s a-me, Mecchario




It’s easy keeping busy
Harder keeping balanced
Tempting to pull a task from thin air
Rather than spend a moment in silence
It’s less work to deflect accusations
Than to deal with our own violence
To chalk it up to communication
Shouting “no man is an island”

There’s a hundred ways to kiss the earth
But a thousand synonyms for cynicism
A million reasons to love thy neighbour
But a billion dollars for a new state prison
And there’s only a dozen hymns or so
for mending a broken schism
Or is ten commandments, I don’t know
Maybe Eastern mysticism?

Every prophet had their vision
But if your head is clear
Let the light shine through like your mind’s a prism
Leave your dogmatic divisions outside the door
And question the local religion
Is it love that’s burning at the very core
Of each of your many decisions?

Collect these thoughts and ideas into a deeper wisdom
And before your fists start to stiffen,
remember your mission:
The world is a rhythm; our task is to listen

Try once


Try love,
Try understanding
Try opening your heart

Try listening, not just hearing
Try seeing, not just staring
Try sharing, try trusting,
Try caring

And if it means you end up homeless
hurting, jobless, fighting
Nothing left to lose
Hopeless, unexcited...

Try once again.




Invest is such a dirty word
Littered with flirty promises
Leaving backs tired, hearts broken
Not to mention bank accounts
Better left unspoken

If accountability’s not on your ticket
You can be certain I’ll crumple your ballot
Sure as a shallot sends shoots to the surface
Your platform is perfect, but I’m just not buying
Thank you for trying

High court keeps me busy; new coliseum
Almost endearing, a bit unbecoming
Spinning our wheels and the cheque isn’t coming
Not even bitter, we’ve shattered to laughter
Tattered disaster, not even real.

But just like the spark comes alive in a fire
A flame comes alive in our hearts
Sure, not the same, but there lies the art
If we focus our mind on solutions
The struggles won’t tear us apart



Buttons For Sale Or Rent

At Kensington Art Fair. Also pottery courtesy of Emma Smith Ceramics.



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